Sterling James has been a strong vocal presence on the FM dial in the Bay Area since 1985.

Her consistent presence on major music radio stations and events across the Bay Area led to high familiarity among the public. And her sassy, sharp personality has endeared her to generations of fans.

Mrs. James most recently held the mid-day position on San Francisco heritage R&B station 102.9 KBLX, with whom she worked for from 2006-2020.

A true Bay Area native, Sterling first hit the air at her high school radio station and never looked back.  Arming herself with a 2 year college recording arts program, an AA in TV Performance and Production, and a BA in Radio and Television, James then launched a thriving career as a radio DJ, event host and TV personality.

Picking up additional skills in promotions, morning show production, public affairs and on air work at San Francisco’s KSOL led to a key hire as the first live DJ on then newly launched Alice@97.3 (1996).  Sterling helped drive Alice’s meteoric success for the next 10 years as the night and later midday DJ, cementing her place in Bay Area Radio.

After leaving Alice@97.3, Sterling was quickly picked up by San Francisco stations 102.9 KBLX (weekends/fill-in) and Energy 92.7 (middays). She worked on air  at both stations simultaneously for close to a year and a half.  In summer 2007, KBLX contracted Sterling full-time through October 2020.

Sterling has also become actively involved in television and major event hosting around the Bay Area, and her community ties run deep.

James is firmly rooted in her hometown of Berkeley with her husband, Bay Area Percussionist Adrian Isabell and their daughter.